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Welcome to the NCAA Big10 SEC OD! Please register and post your information and contacts in the forum below. We will be moving ahead to week 1 at noon time EST.


 NCAA 13 - Our Rules - MUST READ!!!!

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NCAA 13 - Our Rules - MUST READ!!!! Empty
PostSubject: NCAA 13 - Our Rules - MUST READ!!!!   NCAA 13 - Our Rules - MUST READ!!!! EmptySun Jul 15, 2012 6:01 am

Game Rules

Game Skill Level: AA
Recruiting: AA
Quarter Length: 8 Minutes

Advancement: Friday , Sunday, Wednesday @ 11:00 PM EST


Please use the private message and chat functions of this website or the Playstation Network to communicate with your opponent and schedule your games. Private message on this site should be your #1 resource for contacting your opponent. Owners are required to add Online Franchise Owners to their PSN Friends list.Owners are required to be active on the website. Games can be arranged through the site (PM or on the weekly matchups thread) or via PSN messaging or texts.

Schedule your games in a 15-30 minute window, in order to respect both player’s time.


If you have not responded to a scheduling request by 6pm the day before the advancement date, you are considered a No-Show. Please report all no-shows in the "No-Show" thread so we can track habitual scheduling issues with specific owners.

1st No-Show, you will be poot on autopilot so your opponent can play the CPU, and warned.
2nd No-Show, you will be removed from the league.


Use common courtesies and standard NCAA practices. If you’re up by a large margin, run the ball, and don’t attempt to run up the score.
Use common sense.

4th Down rule and Gameplay Rules

4th and inches, you can go it from anywhere.

Down 21 points, you can go for it anytime, anywhere.

Up 14 points, never go for it.


1 Fake punt or FG per game
1 Onside kick per game

No nano-blitzing.
No Shake blitzing.
Limit your pre-snap player movements to just 1 player.

Simmed Games

We will try to avoid simmed games wherever possible, but it does happen from time to time. If players cannot come to an agreement on a start time, then the game will be simmed.

If, in the opinion of the comish, a player has made a reasonable effort to arrange his game with an opponent and given several start time options and the opponent has either not answered or has declined these options, then the player who endeavoured to arrange the game may be given the option to play the CPU at the comish discretion. The comish decision on such matters shall be final.


- Team Owners are required to play with respect for their opponent and the game.
(This is the fundamental rule of this league and covers just about everything)

- Team Owners are required to play in a manner consistent with the NCAA.
-- Punting on fourth down.
-- Mixing up run/pass etc.
-- No Excessive Blitzing - and NO SHAKE OR TURBO BLITZING
-- No Abuse/Excessive use of wildcat/option formation
-- No Abuse/Excessive use of no-huddle
-- No Abuse/Excessive use of exploit plays
-- Offensive players play on offense, defensive players play on defense. Not both*
-- No running up the score against either your opponent or the CPU
-- No glitching/cheating with glitch plays. Keep it real.
-- Any player who deliberately quits a game, irrespective of the circumstances, will be subject to an automatic ban.

Loss of Connection

Sometimes there will be lag on the screen, which can often end up in a loss of connection. Unfortunately, when this happens, there is no alternative but to restart the game, except in the following circumstances:
if a team is leading by 14 points or more in the 4th quarter and their opponent loses connection, or is leading by any score inside the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter and has possession then the team in the lead has the option of finishing the game against the CPU, if the option appears on the screen. In all other cases, the game must be restarted and recreated score wise.

Team Owners with a complaint against another are required to report it ASAP.

Disciplinary Measures

All complaints will be investigated by the comish and disciplinary measures wil be imposed according the the severity of the offence.

As a general rule, they will be imposed in the following order:

1. Warning
2. 1 game ban
4. Removal from the League.

The commish
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NCAA 13 - Our Rules - MUST READ!!!!
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